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Mike de Kock

Epol and Mike de Kock have researched and formulated a comprehensive range of highly balanced digestible feeds so that every type of racehorse is catered for in any given circumstance:

  • Feeds are balanced with a high-profile extensive vitamin, mineral, amino acid and antioxidant specification, so that all the nutrients are in the correct amounts, achieving optimum levels for the horse’s health and performance, and eliminating the need for extra supplementation.
  • Elevated energy levels: increased energy density of the diet means that less feed is required to maintain body condition and support the work being done.


“I train my horses harder than most. With a feed formula that I developed with Epol, I am extremely impressed with the horses’ energy levels and how well they recover and keep their condition throughout a rigorous racing campaign. Every bag is of the same highest quality, containing all the necessary nutritional requirements for top racehorses. The results speak for themselves.

With my new Epol De Kock Special Mix range, we’ve developed a formula containing the best nutrition and additives that myself and experts worldwide have put together. As a trainer, I promise you will see the difference!

With Epol’s commitment to continual research and development, together with their professional product support, I can confi dently put my name to their Special Mix range. I believe racehorses that receive their nutrition from Epol have a defi nite advantage over those given other feeds.”


– Mike de Kock


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