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Epol RACE MUESLI: Fuelling Work and Performance

For racing and performance horses in medium and intense work, and for those needing extra energy
Race Muesli is a premium, fully fortified, highly palatable, energy dense, textured muesli feed, formulated with the high performance race and sport horse in mind.

-    Ultimate performance
-    Energy dense: Controlled, sustained energy release
-    High oil: Power and stamina
-    Super fibres: Gut health
-    Optimum digestion: cooked grains and soluble fibres
-    High magnesium to enhance muscle function
-    Bio-available anti-oxidants Vit E, C and selenium to reduce muscle soreness and cell damage
-    Vit C assists respiratory health

Key product features and benefits:

Provides readily available energy - high quality oats are combined with micronized cereals to meet the requirements of anaerobic metabolism during periods of fast work.
High oil content - increases the energy density of the diet and provides additional non-heating energy which encourages a glycogen sparing effect.
Maximised small intestinal digestibility -  allows for efficient absorption and utilisation of the nutrients into the bloodstream, leading to increased stamina and reduced recovery times.
Micronized cereal grains - ensure maximum digestibility of the starch content, reducing the risk of starch overloading of the hindgut, minimising the chance of digestive upsets or excitable behaviour.
Excellent quality protein sources - including essential amino acids promote superb muscle tone, function and tissue development and repair.
Combination of fibre sources - such as sugar beet shreds, provide highly digestible fibre for slow release energy and healthy gut function, of particular importance to the racehorse at peak fitness and at times of stress, such as travelling and racing.
Fully fortified - with proteinated micro-minerals to maximise absorption, electrolytes to replenish sweat losses, full profile B vitamins to stimulate energy metabolism and appetite, and biotin for healthy hoof growth.
Boosts the immune system – natural Vitamin E, C and bio-available selenium added as important anti-oxidants to enhance the immune system and neutralize free radicals, reducing muscle soreness and cell damage.
Meets  the requirements of the equine athlete - keeping horses top-performing, muscle sound, eating up and clinically healthy.

Feeding recommendations:  

These quantities are a basic guide and should be adjusted according to the intensity of the work, size, weight, temperament and body condition of the horse, to suit the individual.
Always provide a clean, fresh source of water.
The amount fed should be divided into at least two feeds daily and not more than 2.5 kg fed at a time.

For the best performance feed several small meals a day.
Feed in conjunction with a minimum of 5kg (1% of body weight) of good quality roughage.

Feeding recommendations (kg/day)

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