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Cool Rider Cubes


For horses and ponies in light to medium work and/ in need of a lower starch diet
Cool Rider has the same protein content (12%) as the Rider Cubes/Meal, but with lower cool/controllable energy for a calmer horse. This ration is especially suited for young inexperienced horses, mature highly strung horses, Warmbloods, horses/ponies with starch intolerance, endurance horses, good doers as well as horses with a low workload.

RIDER Cubes/Meal:

For horses and ponies at rest and up to medium work.
This is a proven well-formulated widely ration for all horses and ponies in light work as well as horses at box rest that need to gain/maintain body condition as well as good doers in medium work and older horses with poor dentition. The energy level is sufficient to keep the animal in good condition without making it ‘hot’.
This feed is available in both pellets and meal, and it is ideal for riding schools where management of multiple horses need to be simplified.


For horses and ponies in medium to hard work and/ in need of extra energy, power and stamina.
Competition horse cubes is a high performance diet formulated for the competing horse and pony, as well as older horses both active or retired. This feed has higher protein levels (14%) for muscle development, and medium energy levels to meet the higher nutrient demands of the competitive horse, for ultimate performance in peak condition.

This feed is suitable for many types of equestrian sports including showjumping, polo, polocrosse, eventing and dressage.

Leisure and Competition Range: Specifications

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