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Stud Muesli

Epol Stud Muesli

Meets the nutritional requirements of mares, stallions and growing foals – supports optimal foetal development and sustained milk production
A palatable, top quality, nutrient dense all-round mix for pregnant and lactating broodmares, growing foals and young stock as well as working stallions

-    Market leader: breeders of all types
-    Ideal all- round stud ration
-    Fully balanced: supports milk production, growth and muscle and tissue development
-    Scientific formulation: optimum nutritional support to all breeding and young stock
-    Can be fed alongside All Phase Balancer to add flexibility in the calorie content of the diet whilst still maintaining essential nutrient levels

Key Product Features and Benefits:

Micronized cereal grains - that increase small intestinal digestibility of grains and reduces the risk of starch overload of the hindgut.
High quality protein sources  - with key essential amino acids for optimal foetal bone, muscle and tissue development.
Adequate digestible energy levels - for optimal foetal development and sufficient milk production.
Lower glycaemic index - lower starch, higher fat and soluble fibre which limits peaks in blood sugar, thereby reducing the risk of bone disorders and promoting optimum balanced growth.

Superior vitamin and mineral profile - specially developed to support growth: includes chelated  minerals for improved bioavailability and important antioxidants to provide optimum micronutrient support for the mare and the developing skeletal structure of the foal.
Optimum macro and micro minerals - good balance of calcium, phosphorus and bio-available magnesium to support lactation and gestation in mares, and build strong bones in the offspring, in combination with balanced copper, manganese and zinc levels.
First in SA: lowered iron to reduce the detrimental effect of high iron levels on copper metabolism, thereby reducing the risk of DOD in young growing foals.

Bio-available Vit E and selenium  - to increase passive transfer of antibodies to foals via the colostrum, and boost fertility in mares.

Feeding recommendations:

Can be fed alongside All Phase Balancer pellet to add flexibility to the feeding regime e.g. to reduce the overall energy content of the diet for a better doer or faster growing foal, but still ensure essential nutrient levels are maintained (every 1 kg of Stud Muesli removed from the diet should be replaced with 250g of All Phase balancer pellets).
Amounts are a guide. Total daily feed (concentrate + roughage) should be 2-3% of bodyweight depending on age, temperament and climate, and should be adjusted to suit the individual.
Roughage (hay, chaff, pasture) should be fed at 1 – 1.5% of bodyweight.

Always provide a clean, fresh source of water.
Contact your Epol dealer if you have any questions regarding this product.

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