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Rider Muesli

Epol RIDER MUESLI: Optimum Competition Nutrition

For competition horses and ponies in medium to hard work or those in need of extra energy and stamina
Rider Muesli is a premium, fully fortified, highly digestible, textured muesli feed, formulated with the high performance sport horse in mind.

-    Ultimate performance
-    Power and stamina
-    Optimum digestion, palatability and well being
-    Cooked cereals for steady energy release
-    Quality protein for muscle and top line development
-    High oil content for extra sparkle and shine
-    Full range of vitamins and minerals
-    High magnesium for a calmer horse
-    Biotin and zinc for optimum hoof growth and strength

Key Product Features and Benefits:

Sustained energy  by combining energy sources - includes natural fibre, fats and oils, and the highest quality micronized cereal grains to ensure a horse’s demands can be met at all work intensities.

Micronized cereal grains - increases small intestinal digestibility of grains and reduces the risk of starch overload in the hindgut.
Controlled performance - soluble fibre and oils provide long lasting energy and added magnesium known for its calming properties fuel work without causing excitability.

Higher oil content - gives a balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which not only provides non-heating energy and helps promote stamina, but also supports superb skin and coat condition.

Optimum amino acid profile - adequate, high quality protein sources enhancing outstanding muscle tone and supporting tissue development and repair which is continuous in the working horse.

Fully fortified - meets the demands of harder work and competition in any discipline up to advanced level, including full profile B vitamins, biotin for hoof growth, bio-available micro-minerals, and electrolytes to replenish sweat losses.
Healthy immune system - Vit E and selenium added as important anti-oxidants to enhance the immune system, keeping horses clinically healthy and top-performing

Uses of Rider Muesli:

•    Rider Muesli is ideal for any discipline requiring a feed with higher levels of energy, and adequate high quality protein to maintain condition and fuel work without causing excitability.
•    Rider Muesli may be fed alone or added to other Epol feeds to provide extra energy as work load increases.  
•    Also suitable for poor doers in light work needing extra calories to gain or maintain condition.
•    Can also be fed in reduced quantities alongside All Phase balancer pellets to provide energy and sparkle for the ‘laid-back’ good-doer.

Feeding recommendations:  

These quantities are a basic guide and should be adjusted according to the intensity of the work, size, weight and body condition of the horse, to suit the individual.
Introduce feed slowly over a period of 7 to 10 days.
For the best performance feed several small meals a day, not exceeding more than 2.5 kg per meal.
Feed in conjunction with free access to good quality hay.
Always provide a clean, fresh source of water.
Contact your Epol dealer if you have any questions regarding this product.

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