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“I train my horses harder than most. With a feed formula that I developed with Epol, I am extremely impressed with the horses’ energy levels and how well they recover and keep their condition throughout a rigorous racing campaign. Every bag is of the same highest quality, containing all the necessary nutritional requirements for top racehorses. The results speak for themselves.With my new Epol De Kock Special Mix range, we’ve developed a formula containing the best nutrition and additives that myself and experts worldwide have put together. As a trainer, I promise you will see the difference!With Epol’s commitment to continual research and development, together with their professional product support, I can confi dently put my name to their Special Mix range. I believe racehorses that receive their nutrition from Epol have a defi nite advantage over those given other feeds.”
“At Backworth, nutrition of our horses is paramount. Our approach to feeding is very controlled, in that every horse – from mare, to foal, to weanling, and yearling, enjoys an individual feed programme which is monitored daily, and adjusted on a regular basis according to the individual requirements to achieve optimal growth. This individualistic programme requires careful administration, and makes the choice of feed absolutely critical.   We believe that a balanced feed should not require any additives. We have been using Epol feed since we started our operation in 1999, and are confident of this partnership for a number of reasons –

  • Our Yearlings are good legged, and consistently achieve high marks on conformation at the Yearling Sale inspections
  • Our Horses are reputedly sound in training
  • Our Win to Runners  ratio of 53% in 2012, bears testimony to our ability to produce a good race horse

 In 2012 Backworth Stud was awarded the Breeding Achievement Award in KZN, and we attribute part of this success to the consistent, high quality feed that Epol provides.”Click on

Dear Debbie.
I am sending you an email regarding the Epol Yearling Cubes and Rider Meal.
I have had horses for a few years and as a small competitive yard in the free state, I have always been looking for the right feed and value for money. Over the years we have tried MANY different horse feeds which showed results but I was not very sattisfied with it on the long run. 3 years ago a friend of mine suggested I try Epol Yearling Cubes and Epol Rider Meal and I am VERY pleased to let you know I have been using Epol for three years now and the results on my Competition Horses and young foals are remarkable! Our horses graze mostly outside during the day and spent nights in the stables and since I have started using these two Epol feeds my horses has kept their condition and performance during the whole year! I also like the fact that its in a 50kg bag and doesn't cost a fortune, in comparrison to the other feeds which comes in 40kg bag and costs a fortune!
I also noticed a difference in my Show Jumping horses, they have more energy and I dont need to feed them quite as much as with other feeds. I have also attached two pictures of my two young foals that we bought just to show you what a difference makes using the right feed. When we bought them they were 10 months old, we have had them on Epol for 20months and they look great!!! Even at shows some people compliment me on the condition of our horses and asks me what type of feed we give them, be sure to know that I proudly answer them EPOL!!! Be sure that when someone asks me what feed I would recommend, I will ALWAYS answer EPOL!! Keep up the good work!!   From these 2 horses            horse1 Horse2 To this....   and this                           Regards Soreta Wessels
"Its great to be able to concentrate on training horses and leave the nutrition to the experts."   


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